New: Viva Low

From now on there is a Viva for every arch height

08.02.2018 | From February 2018, a flexible foot support for flat longitudinal arches will complement the Viva® family. From this date, "Viva®" will be available in HIGH, MID and LOW versions. This means that our premium foot support from the Viva® family is now also available for people with a fallen arches.


The special foot support for sensitive feet made of breathable, vegetable-tanned leather in first quality ensures a pleasant walking experience. A full-surface soft cushion provides a comfortable bed for the foot, the anatomically shaped foot support with the for the Viva® family typical elements of heel transmission, splayfoot padding and leg support relieve and relax the strained foot. The pad is more pronounced, the longitudinal arch support is more flexible and the soft cushion relieves the whole foot to suit the needs of particularly sensitive feet. The perfect comfort for sensitive feet.


For especially soft walking

92 percent of our testers didn't want to miss this soft comfort anymore! The particularly soft walking on the new Viva® Low is fully in keeping with the sneaker-inspired walking comfort trend.

Viva® Low is not only something for people with fallen arches. The foot support makes every shoe a softer comfort shoe – completely independent of the foot type.


Made in Germany

By the way, the pleasant feeling that a pair of pedag insoles gives to their wearer is the result of genuine handwork: our products are developed and manufactured in Germany at our headquarters in Königs Wusterhausen. The handcrafted production and the careful selection of high-quality materials are decisive for the high quality of our products.

pedag. Feels good.

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