Let your sneakers shine

Let your sneakers shine

Sneakers have long been an integral part of fashion. They have been one of the highlights for several seasons. Whether white or colorful, playful or technical: when the tooth of time gnaws on the shoes and the regular wearing leaves its marks, a top model quickly becomes a flop model. We have something against it!

Honestly: We love to wear our current favorite shoes every day - even if shoes actually need at least a break of one day before wearing them the next time. But with sneakers it is just too tempting: they look good and are incredibly comfortable. But if you wear them a lot, the often white soles, which look so noble in the shop, look dirty and dull after a while. The pedag Sneaker Cleaner fights the dirt. It lets white rubber soles shine in no time!

The video shows how this works and how well this works:


Thorough but gentle

The soles are now clean, but what about the rest of the shoe? Sneakers should not be cleaned in the washing machine. The high temperatures and the centrifugal speed can harm the material and the glue, the connection between the soles and the shoe can dissolve.
You better clean sneakers with a cleaning foam such as the pedag Combi Cleaner. The care foam also manages heavily soiled sports shoes and sneakers made of smooth and suede leather, textile or synthetics. Again, the application is simple: moisten the sponge with water, and spray some foam on the sponge. Now spread the foam on the sponge. After only 15 minutes, polish or brush the shoe.

Nourish leather and material mix

If the sneakers are dry again, they urgently need nourishing care. Shoe polish (transparent or in a corresponding color) nourishes leather, keeps it supple and revives the colors. Suede is best treated with special care products. Afterwards the nap is to be lifted with a special brush. For delicate leather, material mixes and delicate looks that may not be polished use pedag Perfekt Finish Spray. It gives your shoes a brilliant shine again.

Waterproofing protects

New sneakers should be waterproofed before wearing them for the first time. In any case, sneakers need a protective impregnation after intensive cleaning. It protects against stains and makes cleaning more easy the next time.
The video shows how important and effective waterproofing is:


pedag eco-friendly

Do you already know our eco-friendly shoe care? The range is 100% solvent-free, biodegradable and 100% PFC-free. And the crisp assortment is perfect for sneaker fans. 

  1. Cleaning with Power Cleaner Set.
    Mild foam removes dirt and stains.
  2. Nourish with Leather Conditioner
    Gently and deeply nourishes
  3. Waterproof with the Organic Protector.
    Provides lasting and effective protection against dirt and moisture.

That' s how quickly your sneakers are fresh again.
You can find information on how to use these products on the product detail pages.

pedag. For bright and clean sneakers.

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