How much is the Viva footbed worth?

How much is the Viva footbed worth?

Biomechanical know-how ...

In close cooperation with our long-standing medical advisors Dr. Günter Wellmitz (+2019) and Dr. Mathias Finkelstein, we work to provide pedag® customers with the best possible foot health support when walking and standing, at work and during sports. The experience of orthopaedic shoe technicians helps us to translate the medical and scientific principles into specific products.

The heart of every Viva is its anatomical shape, which unobtrusively relieves and stimulates the foot. Combined with the cushioning and hygienic materials, it ensures that feet feel comfortable all round.

... paired with perfect craftsmanship

Every pedag® footbed passes through a dozen hands before it gets into your shoes.


Our ISO-certified quality management system oversees every production step. During annual audits, external inspectors ensure that pedag® production complies with the medical device standard DIN EN ISO 13485 in all aspects.


It begins with the choice of material. We meticulously select only the finest cowhide for the Viva. Like all pedag® leathers, they undergo thorough testing in external laboratories for potential harmful substances as a precautionary measure. Only non-toxic leathers are used for pedag® articles.


Each pair is punched by hand, size for size, pair for pair. Our experienced punchers meticulously focus on the high-quality sections of the leather, carefully avoiding areas that are too soft or wrinkled, ensuring no valuable leather is wasted. Any small, superficial scars present on the leather serve as evidence of the animals' natural life on the pasture, including contact with thorn bushes or insect bites.


Many people suffer from the fact that the shoe shapes of European shoe brands tend to be too narrow. That's why many people buy their shoes one size larger than they need: to give their feet enough room. Sufficient space for the ball and enough room for the toes are important to feel comfortable in the shoe. That is why we split every single piece of punched leather to an exact product size. With Viva, we offer our customers an extra-thin footbed that fits in (almost) all shoes.


Cowhide is paired with a high-quality activated carbon filter to ensure an optimal climate inside the shoe. Both materials are highly breathable and absorbent, allowing feet to breathe while absorbing natural foot transpiration, thus preventing foot odor. Remarkably, the millions of sweat glands on the forefoot release an average of 2 cl of sweat every day, underscoring the importance of absorbent and breathable materials. It is therefore advisable to remove the insoles from the shoes after wearing to allow them to air out.


The leather cover sole features embossed genuine leather logos, brand logos, and product names. For ecological reasons, we employ an elaborate hot embossing process, avoiding the use of metallic and plastic foils that can have unnecessary environmental impacts.


In our lamination process, where we bond the cover leather to the activated carbon filter, we prioritize ecology and health. This is achieved through a solvent-free bonding process, ensuring that our employees are not exposed to solvents, the environment remains protected, and potential allergies among users are prevented. These revisions maintain the original meaning while improving readability and coherence. 


We adhere to a solvent-free bonding process for joining the footbed heart piece with the soft splayfoot pad, the cushioning heel pad, and the hygienic leather activated carbon cover, maintaining our commitment to ecological and health-conscious practices.


During the final quality control stage, we meticulously ensure that the Viva meets our stringent quality standards. Only after passing this inspection is the Viva packed and prepared for shipment to over 50 countries worldwide.

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In compliance with medical product standards, each individual package is assigned a unique production number. This batch number enables precise tracing of any potential complaints, including the identification of the raw materials' sources from upstream suppliers, delivery details, and the employees involved in crafting each respective pair within our company.


Every single pair of pedag® Viva is crafted uniquely, handmade with care just for you. It's a premium product developed and manufactured with love, ensuring your comfort is prioritized. Now, it's time to pamper your feet. This revision maintains the original meaning while improving readability and coherence. 

Viva-Family – once you've fallen in love, you'll find the right partner for every shoe.

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