Hiking in & round Berlin

Hiking in & round Berlin

Hiking is usually not the first thing that comes to most peoples’ minds when they think of Berlin – although the late summer and early fall is the perfect time for all kinds of outdoor activities. During this time, temperatures are also pleasant enough to master extended hikes. And the German capital is simply a perfect place to do so: Berlin is not only party & shopping, but there are some great hiking opportunities in and around the city. Our three favorites: the Berlin Wall Trail, the Five Lakes Trail and the 66 Lakes Trail that runs all around the entire city.

Most Berlin visitors automatically walk a lot as they usually explore the city by foot, as this is the best way to experience the German capital and its atmosphere. Exploring Berlin by foot not only is a delight in summer when everyone is outside, but also in fall and winter. Especially when there is some comforting sunshine, it is a pleasure to walk around the city and its surroundings. However, Berlin is big, and its surroundings are even bigger – and there are many beautiful places worth a visit. So where to start? Here are our three favorites:


The Berlin Wall Trail

The Berlin Wall Trail is a walking trail that leads all across the city, though scenic landscapes and right through the center – always following the course of the Berlin Wall that once divided the city. The trail has a total of length 160 kilometers (100 miles) and has 14 stages with a length between seven and 21 kilometers (4,4 to 13 miles). The stages are all very different, as the trail leads through the green outskirts of the city on the one hand and right through the heart of the city on the other. There are numerous signposts and information panels along the trail, making it very comfortable for visitors and hikers. On this hike you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and buzzing metropolitan life, but it is also hike to take a break and contemplate for a little while. There are 29 commemorative markers along the trail to remember the people who were killed trying to cross the border and get to the other part of Germany.

More information: Beriln Wall Trail


The Five Lakes Trail

Those who are keen on a little detour to the southeast of Berlin will find some very pretty hiking trails near the city of Königs Wusterhausen, where company is based. The most diverse is the Five Lakes Trail. It runs through the Tiergarten, a natural reserve that has formerly been the hunting grounds of the Soldier King Frederick William I of Prussia, along the Tonseen (clay lakes) and Körbiskrug, ending in Bestensee (best lake). From Bestensee you can take one of the frequently passing regional trains back to Königs Wusterhausen or Berlin.

More information: The Five Lakes Trail


The 66 Lakes Trail

This trail leads all around Berlin – therefore, you will get acquainted with the outskirts of the city when hiking it. It is about 400 kilometers long (250 miles), mostly flat and fun in all seasons of the year. No matter where you are, the water is always close and so you will be able to discover and explore a total of 66 lakes and numerous minor towns and villages. There are several starting points for this hike, it will take you 17 day stages to walk the whole circle. Signs with a blue spot on a white background mark the course of the trail.

More information: The 66 Lakes Trail


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