Safe Step

Safe Step

Slippery floor, smooth leather sole? The discreet anti-slip pedag Safe Step provides safety when walking on smooth surfaces and protects the leather sole from wear.

  • slip protection for smooth floors
  • not visible on shoe
  • can be individually cut to size

Content: 1 Pair

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Safe Step

Dancers have a trick when the leather soles are too smooth: They roughen the soles for more grip on the sleek parquet floor! Because when leather soles meet slippery floors, slipping is often unavoidable. The pedag Safe Step anti-slip device puts an end to involuntary steps.

The durable and especially thin slip protection provides excellent grip on all surfaces, both outside and inside. Simply stick it to the bottom of the dry and clean shoe sole and you'll have more safety when walking on smooth surfaces.

To make sure it fits perfectly, you can simply cut the self-adhesive slip protection to size. It should always be slightly smaller than the sole of the shoe. It is best to stick Safe Step on new shoes immediately after purchase; this protects the sole from being worn out early.

You can also equip worn shoes with the anti-slip device: Roughen the sole with sandpaper and clean as well as possible.

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